XFT Foot Drop System

The smartest solution to the Foot Drop condition, XFT-2001D uses advanced MEMS sensor technology to deliver Functional Electrical Stimulation to your common peroneal nerve, stimulating the lower leg muscle to lift the foot at the right time to walk more naturally and steadily.


Stimulates dorsiflexion that helps lift foot to improve gait and walk more naturally and easily, while reducing falls by improving stability, mobility and safety. Also reeducates patients' muscles to regain walking ability sooner.


Improves blood circulation and joint range of motion by preventing muscle disuse atrophy.


Comfortable, light and discrete, the ultra-thin design fits snugly below knee and under clothing. The magnetic clasp can be fastened easily with just one hand.

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How Can XFT Help You?

" Doctors told me I could only start walking again after 2 years. But the moment I wore XFT, I can feel the difference! My feet feels lighter, and it's easier to walk. It has only been a few months, but I can now walk anywhere I want by myself."
- Andy Lim, Managing Director