Simple Tips on How to Choose the Right Wheelchair

With so many models on the market, it is easy to get confused when choosing the right wheelchair. Now sit back and relax while we uncover few simple tips before you decide.

First of all, ask these basic questions: why, who, what.

Why is a wheelchair needed? What’s the purpose of using one?

  • If it is for easier mobility for outdoor activities or for travelling, a foldable and lightweight wheelchair is the most suitable
  • For home use, a recline wheelchair is suitable for users with weak trunk control (they can sit reclining on the wheelchair instead of lying on the bed the whole day). This type also allows caregiver to transfer the user from wheelchair to the bed easier. It’s long backrest offer comfortable support to the back
  • Sport activities require sport wheelchair

When asking about who’s going to use the wheelchair, we are looking at few attributes.

  • Size and weight of the user are the most important. Find the right model that can bear the user’s weight with the suitable seat’s width. Make sure to check the maximum load it can bear before purchasing
  • If the user is going/able to propel it independently, pick a light wheelchair. A heavy one uses a lot of energy
  • Limitation for transfer. The model with detachable armrests is preferable for caregivers to transfer the user to and from wheelchair and bed.

The next one, we also want to determine which kind is preferable, manual or electric chair?

  • Motorised wheelchair is great for people who get tired easily or have limited arm strength but still want to be independent. Not just for the user, but it also provides independence and less burden for the carer.
  • With superior mobility compared to manual wheelchair, the user can participate in the community better
  • However, power chair is more expensive (obviously)

With all these simple tips, we hope it provides a great help in choosing the best one. If you are still unsure, the best is to talk to a professional to avoid disappointment. Eureqah offers a wide range of wheelchairs to choose from. You can talk to us for more info.