It is very intriguing to see the development of a baby. Seeing how they develop their skills is full of mess but exciting. From not knowing anything to being able to independently walk, the journey is filled with colours of laughs and tears. In monitoring their growth, it is crucial to know the normal developmental milestones in order to maximize their potential and to refer to the professionals if they are not behaving the way they should at that particular age.

Gross motor development

One of the most important areas in developmental milestones is gross motor development. Gross motor refers to the physical movements that involve using the large body parts. The charts below can be referred as a guideline in monitoring the milestone.

Fine motor development

Another type of motor developmental milestone is fine motor development. Fine motor is defined as the movements that involve small joints; which are the wrist, hand, and fingers. The image below shows the fine motor development up until 18 months.

It is worthy to note that every baby is different. Some acquire the skills earlier while some jump a certain skill for another, for example, some babies do not acquire the skills of crawling but straight to walking instead. As long as there are no major delays observed, parents can rest assured.

A delay in acquiring a certain skill will delay the acquisition of other skills as well. If this happens, it is best to consult with the professionals to find the cause and solve the issue. Each child is unique in their own way. Appreciate every one of them and let’s make the world a happy place for everyone.