LEGA – Relief from breathing difficulty

When his son got affected by the phlegm inside the lungs that caused him to experience shortness of breath frequently, this man was deeply troubled. An engineer he is, he then invented his own manual percussion machine out of love in order to help his son. The machine proved to be a major helper in clearing the phlegm out and he felt so relieved seeing his son’s condition greatly improved and decided to name the machine as LEGA, a Malay word for relief. Now aiming to help other patients who are facing the same problem as his son was, he took a step further to commercialize his invention to the public.

This machine is an adjunct to physiotherapy technique manual percussion and vibration. Its concept is the same but instead of using the hand, the machine does it. It is a big help to ordinary people who cannot perform manual percussion effectively as physiotherapists at home. One set of LEGA consists of a carry bag, the percussion machine, and two packs of batteries with a set of chargers. Its portable size allows it to be brought everywhere, hence convenient for travelling. Easy to use. Easy to handle.

The percussion and vibration produced by the machine help loosen the phlegm inside the lungs, and thus helping the patient to cough it out for relief. However, for those who cannot cough, the procedure of suction or assistive cough needs to be done.

Currently there are two versions of this machine available; LEGA adult and LEGA kids. As the names imply, they are for adults and kids/babies respectively. The former has two cups while the latter has only one as to suit the size of the small users. While the appearances are different, the functions remain the same; helping to provide relief from breathing difficulty. It makes the life better and subsequently contributing to an overall improvement of the quality of life.