HALO Digital Goniometer

Manual goniometers are hard to use, inaccurate and inefficient, with poor Inter Rate Reliability of up to 25° in error. Not HALO, the award-winning, pocket-sized Australian solution used by more than thousands of rehab professionals worldwide.


Accurate within +/–1° with Excellent Inter Rater Reliability, the laser beams project the full length of any limb to intersect with anatomical landmarks for repeatable measurements.


Measures every joint: Head, Neck, Hip, Peripheral Joints, Spine, Fingers/Upper Limbs as well as 3 planes with 2-in-1 tools: Inclinometer + Goniometer.


You can easily use it single-handedly to get accurate measurements on a clear LCD display within 5 seconds, while supporting your patient’s limb with your free hand.

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Why Choose HALO?

" It took me less than 3 minutes to realise that this device is perfect for my four practices in New York and Washington DC, and that's why I bought several units. Our ROM measurements are significantly more consistent amongst clinical staff."

- Mr Marty Jaramillo, Physical Therapist, CEO and founder of I.C.E Sports Therapy, USA